has summarized the Olympic medal results in different ways:

This last result is also available as a map. This map includes the sum per country of all medals, regardless its color.

The main source for these listings is the work of Volker Kluge [1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002], augmented with own observations of the Elbruz project team.

Due to historic changes, some disputable decisions had to be made. These are explained below.

For the listing per games the country name used at that time is used as much as possible. In general, when a country splits, the separate parts restart at zero medals. When countries merge, they inherit the medal count of the separate parts. As an example, Germany includes all FRG and GDR medals, while the USSR medals are not inherited by Russia. If an entity is considered changed, although it continues with the same name, a special name is chosen to differentiate. This means that the remains of Yugoslavia is listed as Serbia-Montenegro and not as Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia is used for the pre-1992 results.

The following decisions have been made:

  • USSR includes Unified Team (1992/W, 1992/S)
  • Trinidad & Tobago includes Trinidad (1948/S, 1952/S)
  • Sri Lanka includes Ceylon (1948/S)
  • South Korea includes Korea (1948/S)
  • Serbia-Montenegro is the name chosen for the current Yugoslavia. It includes the results for Yugoslavia (1996/S) and for Independent Olympic Participants (1992/S)
  • Yugoslavia before 1992 is listed separately.
  • Great-Britain & Ireland is used for the results of the United Kingdom for 1896/S,1900/S and 1904/S
  • Germany includes the FRG and GDR results
  • Bohemia (1908/S) is listed as Czech Republic
  • Hong Kong (1996/S) is included within the China results
  • British India comprises the results of India for 1900/S, 1928/s, 1932/S, 1936/S

The map lists only current existing countries, therefore the following total results which appear in the list, are not on the map:

  • The former Yugoslavia (pre-1992)
  • Australasia (being Australia and New-Zealand)
  • Czechoslovakia
  • USSR
  • British India
  • Great-Britain & Ireland


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